What We Did in the Dark

Photo of Catherine Carswell
Catherine Carswell

‘I made what may be called a rash and foolish marriage to a man I scarcely knew.’

1904: Cathie longs for adventure. A whirlwind romance with soldier and artist Herbert Jackson offers this and more, but Herbert is violently jealous, and she is soon fighting for her freedom – and her life.


The Daughter of Lady Macbeth

For Lilias, all the world’s a stage. For her daughter Freya, it’s a series of false trails thwarting her lifelong search for her father. Kit understands, although he’s twenty years younger. He too grew up without a father and, like Freya and her husband Frankie, he’s desperate for a child. Within weeks of signing on at a fertility clinic, Freya has a secret just as potent as her mother’s forty years ago.


A Petrol Scented Spring

I still don’t know whether he was done for before we met, whether his heart was already claimed, or smashed. Whether the love story pieced together in these pages is mine, or hers. 

The day after her wedding, Donella Ferguson Watson wakes up shackled to a man haunted by the past. The lonely days become weeks, months. Her husband Hugh, a prison doctor, will offer no explanation for their sexless marriage. She comes to suspect the answer lies with a hunger-striking suffragette who was force fed and held in solitary confinement. But what really happened between Hugh and his prisoner patient?



Your friends or your principles: which would you betray?

England, 1984. Margaret Thatcher is in Downing Street, the miners are on strike and the bankers of Goodison Farebrother are making money. Lexa, Gabriel and Rae are unlikely allies, but how else are they to survive as women in a male-dominated bank? When Goodisons brokers the sale of a privately-owned coal mine, they find themselves caught between the sexual war of attrition in the office and the pitched battles on the picket-line. And violence, they discover, can be contagious.

Scotland, 2006. The three women are no longer colleagues but still friends. The intensity of the 1980s is a distant memory. Then comes the banking crisis, and the return of a face from the past with shocking news. Lexa must deal with the fallout from the choices she made in her idealistic twenties. But do the people she wants to protect deserve her protection – and at what price?



Tracy Malleus casts a sceptical eye over other people’s superstitions. There’s just one phenomenon she can’t explain: her passion for Drew Monzie, a fifty-something, Calvinist television presenter. Smart, sexy and popular, Tracy seems to have the perfect life. Then her sister Sam returns after seventeen years in America, still burning with childhood resentments, and things go badly wrong. Mishap piles upon misfortune, forcing Tracy to rethink her rationalism, until she starts to wonder whether she might be cursed. 


Official and Doubtful

Everyone has secrets. Even Nan Megratta, whose job it is to track down the target of an illegibly-addressed blackmail letter. Is it the Labour MP, the flashy restaurateur, or the feminist figurehead turned tabloid hack? And why? Emotionally entangled in each of these lives, Nan is dragged from her precious anonymity into a world of politics, sex and murder.  


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